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September 13 2012


How you can throw the left hook

The way to toss the left hook

Wimbledon personal trainer

The very first two punches you will see from the trainer is jab than right cross. After both of these punches comes the left hook, an absolute classic punch. The left hook may be one of the hardest punches to find out, but may be the punch that knocks one of the most people out. The left hook is generally set up from the right cross or right uppercut, however, many boxers are suffering from the process too knock an opponent out without needing the big wind up from your right-hand. They could knock their opponent out with their fist only travelling six inches.

The left hook will be the favoured punch of the shorter fighter who wants to close the space on a taller fighter using a long reach. It is a punch which is predominantly thrown at short range, nevertheless it can be turned into a long range punch for variation to catch your attacker of guard. The left hook is thrown to inflict maximum injury to your attacker so don’t hold anything when throwing this punch.

Wimbledon personal trainer

Begin in a boxer's stance, both fists relaxed and palms facing each other, your right hand nearest your chin along with your left hand approx 4 inches in the front, (opposite for southpaws).

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